Flight Plan

We invest our time to know our clients' business like our own

You pay us to think on behalf of your business with our experience.

Our Philosophy
We begin by gaining a real understanding of your business, your goals, your challenges, and your vision. We ask a lot of questions.
Next, we develop strategies that are specific to your needs – you will not see any cookie cutter proposals from us.
Finally, we implement these strategies with precision, efficiency, and with built-in measurements, so we can tell if they are working.

We hear business owners and company executives grumble that marketing does not work, it is too expensive, and it is not measurable. Does that sound familiar to you?

We believe that marketing does work, it does not have to break the budget, and that you can measure results.  All it takes is some thinking. And some planning.  

We founded our business on the principle that a smart, strategic plan is the only way to begin the marketing process. We believe strongly in planning; we create not only overall strategic marketing plans, but also strategic communications plans and internet strategy.